Ford Built A Mustang On Top Of The Empire State Building Last Night

It's been 50 years since Ford built the world-renowned 1965 Mustang and placed it high above Manhattan on the 86th floor of the Empire State Building. Last night, Ford came back with a bigger, yellower, all around more complicated car from 2015 and decided to recreate the famous stunt as a 50-year homage—only this… »4/16/14 9:21am4/16/14 9:21am


Commenter of the Day: Paranoid Schadenfreude Edition

Urban legends. We love 'em, we hate 'em. But of course there's nothing we can do about them, so we generally just let them chug quietly along, slowly promulgating their soft malevolence. Except when they take on a Travis Bickel edge. In the Big Dirty Apple. Then we pay attention. And so, on to our commenter of the day. »2/01/08 6:00pm2/01/08 6:00pm