Commenter of the Day: Paranoid Schadenfreude Edition

Urban legends. We love 'em, we hate 'em. But of course there's nothing we can do about them, so we generally just let them chug quietly along, slowly promulgating their soft malevolence. Except when they take on a Travis Bickel edge. In the Big Dirty Apple. Then we pay attention. And so, on to our commenter of the day.

What is it about the Empire State Building and generalized metropolitan paranoia? Probably has something to do with the unnaturalness of a hulking Depression-era skyscraper, forged from iron, maiden to the deaths of steelhangers and rivet-monkeys, clad in stone, able to resist collisions from bombers and fend off giant apes. There simply must be contorting fields of dark energy quivering around it, causing trouble, perhaps worse. And, as we all know, architecture hates automobiles. We reported on as much today.


Commenter Otto-Reimer backs this up with some chilling, down-in-the-trenches anecdotes, and just a soupcon of ellipticality :

So I have an office there, and my boy's new S class was dead as shit in the garage. After towing it across town, the fucker fired right up.

We are being told that parts of the broadcasting system are not properly shielded. When asked when they would properly shield it, they gave us a look like we just shat in the pope's mouth.

The best is when the tour buses die right out front.

Yes, the tour buses die right out front. And then what, Otto-Reimer? Then what!?!?

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