You Can Buy The Only BMW E30 Alpina B6 In America 

The collector market for BMW E30 performance cars has officially reached ridiculous status. Just when we thought the $58,000 E30 M3 was the peak of the bubble, now a super rare Alpina B6 3.5 on Ebay might command the highest sale price to date for an E30 BMW. » 2/23/15 7:51am 2/23/15 7:51am

You Can Buy The First And Last Naturally Aspirated M3 Convertibles

The M3 convertible is sort of an odd-duck; people either love them or hate them. You either revel in their open-top goodness or rail against the excess weight and reduced stability. For those of you in the first camp, now is your chance to get an original E30 M3 and an E93 M3 in one shot. » 2/06/15 2:03pm 2/06/15 2:03pm

Here Are All The Things I Screwed Up To Crash This Race Car

This weekend, I was racing a Spec E30 at Lime Rock park in a two-day, 10 hour endurance race. It may have taken me an hour, but I was able to find the wall. Here's how it happened. » 11/24/14 11:43am 11/24/14 11:43am

Tyler, The Creator Wants You To Win This BMW E30

The Odd Future crew has excellent taste in cars. Affordable classic aficionado Frank Ocean loves old Mustangs and NSXs, and Tyler, The Creator isn't far off from that. Now the latter wants you to win this cool E30 if you go to the 3rd Annual Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival in LA. » 11/04/14 2:25pm 11/04/14 2:25pm

This is the Most Beautiful BMW e30 Film You'll See All Day

… at least, I hope it is. Say what you will about the stance – these are awesome cars. Overrated? Perhaps. Too low for a daily driver? Depends on your tolerance for scrapes and sparks. Gorgeous? YES. » 10/05/14 5:14am 10/05/14 5:14am

The BMW E30 Is A Classically Perfect Car That Can't Be Fixed By Swearing

When it was new, the BMW E30 3-Series was the whip of choice for yuppie-types everywhere. These days it has a different demographic: track day dudes and enthusiasts looking for a cheap, fun, easily-fixable and practical rear-drive performance car. Regular Car Reviews ponders if the E30 deserves its good reputation. » 9/08/14 10:16am 9/08/14 10:16am

The 14 Things You Learn Driving In A Crazy Endurance Race

The first thing you learn is that the nerves before getting back into a race car for the first time in a while are nearly enough to make you taste your breakfast twice. The second taste will be far less delicious. » 8/05/14 12:30pm 8/05/14 12:30pm

For $12,000, This M3 Is Not Going To Drive Itself

The E30 M3 is the lowliest performing model in all of M3 history, that is a fact. So why do we love them so? Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe '88 looks pretty lovable - despite not getting any recent action - but will you love its price? » 4/17/14 8:00am 4/17/14 8:00am

Guy On Craigslist Claims This BMW E30 Pickup Is 'Factory Authorized'

I mean, I don't think there's any way BMW officially sanctioned two E30 coupes to be chopped into targa topped pickups, but then again 1984 was a wild time and cocaine is a hell of a drug. » 1/28/14 4:15pm 1/28/14 4:15pm

Video: Meet the 400HP, Tire-punishing, Turbo BMW E30 - /TUNED

As nice as it is to visit a reputable tuning company such as a Titan Motorsports or Heffner and drive their creations, I'm never really surprised by them. Everyone says their cars are fast as hell and run great, and then when they do, it's exactly what I expect. » 12/09/13 3:32pm 12/09/13 3:32pm

I'm a car enthusiast and I drive a car with an automatic transmission.

I am a car enthusiast and I drive a car with an automatic transmission. I do believe that is a true statement. I’ve been reading Jalopnik ever since I got my car and am fed up with all of the “slushbox hate.” » 11/11/13 4:00am 11/11/13 4:00am

Marijuana-Filled BMW Crashes After 100 MPH Police Chase

A driver was killed after he crashed his BMW following a police chase on a California highway, injuring two road crew workers and strewing buckets and jars full of marijuana across the road in the process. » 5/15/13 12:23pm 5/15/13 12:23pm

IM TRINA KILL DA HOUSE: The Greatest Takedown In Car Forum History

Car forums are such special places. They're where enthusiasts go to share knowledge with one another, forge bonds based on mutual passions, and build lasting communities. But sometimes, a forum member will post something so asinine — so insanely stupid — that an epic takedown is in order. This is the story of such a… » 4/25/13 3:00pm 4/25/13 3:00pm

Is Now The Time To Buy Your Dream BMW E30 M3?

You missed out on the massive BMW E30 M3 appreciation-fest of the 2000s — during which prices catapulted upward, by percentage, more than the Elephant Man's eye teeth. But with prices flattening, perhaps just temporarily, now may be the best time to secure your piece of Bayerische Motoren history. Ten years on, mark… » 3/06/13 3:00pm 3/06/13 3:00pm

Your Ridiculously Sexy BMW E30 Wagon Wallpaper Is Here

Wait, didn't we just have an old-school BMW as our Weekend Wallpaper? We did, but after reader Christian Bouchez sent me this photo of his E30 Touring, I couldn't resist. » 2/16/13 5:00pm 2/16/13 5:00pm

Frank Ocean Is Building A Monstrous Sleeper BMW E30

There are a lot of reasons you should read the New York Times Magazine profile of nascent R&B superstar Frank Ocean. It gives some great insights into the creative process, decisiveness, and personal history of the man behind the best album of 2012, Channel Orange. (If you think differently, you're wrong.) » 2/09/13 12:00pm 2/09/13 12:00pm

For $5,200, Does This Old E30 Two Door Have You Feeling Blue?

As of this year's Detroit Auto Show the 3-series coupe is effectively no more in the US. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe E30 represents one of the most beloved 3-series coupes, but is its price a coup de grâce? » 1/17/13 8:00am 1/17/13 8:00am

This Is The Hilarious Explanation Of How That BMW E30 Crashed Into A…

We all got a really good laugh this weekend out of the E30 3-Series BMW that crashed into a light pole, even if it did mean the very unfortunate demise of one of our favorite cars. » 1/14/13 4:30pm 1/14/13 4:30pm