Homemade Driving Sim Cockpit Made of E30 Parts, More Realistic Than Modern BMWs?

The cockpit of many modern cars may make the driver feel like they're in a video game, what with drive-by-wire steering, floppy-paddle gearboxes, and an array of electronic nannies. But what about a video game that makes you feel like you're in a real car? Thats what one Bimmerphile over at r3vlimited was apparently… »5/29/08 1:20pm5/29/08 1:20pm

Beyond Safetydome: Toyota Develops Full-Size Driving Simulator

In an effort to make safety engineering seem like an even cooler profession, Toyota has developed a full-sized automotive simulator. In order to simulate real-life driving conditions, Toyota stuffed a Lexus IS into the middle of a gigantic tilting dome on a 120-ft rail. If you slam on the breaks the dome tilts… »11/26/07 11:15am11/26/07 11:15am