Owning A Ferrari For A Year Was A Disappointment

They're coming for it next week. The shipping company, that is. They're picking up the Ferrari, taking the keys, putting it inside a trailer, and transporting it far away to a new owner, thus bringing to an end my childhood dream of owning a Ferrari. I should be downtrodden; dismayed; depressed. I should take time to… »12/08/14 3:28pm12/08/14 3:28pm

The Hardest Part Of Owning A Ferrari Is Selling It

If you've followed along for the last year, you've probably realized that life with my 2004 Ferrari 360 Modena hasn't always been easy. It was hard to find the right car, and tough to get it insured. Driving it every day is impossible, and getting gas is just as difficult. And the car has a few quirks that make it a… »12/03/14 3:09pm12/03/14 3:09pm

Here’s Why You Absolutely Can’t Drive A Ferrari Every Day

Nine months ago, in my first-ever column as a bona fide Jalopnik writer, I proclaimed: Why Yes, You Can Drive a Ferrari Every Day. You may remember this column, because I tied a TV to the roof of my car, and I duct-taped a monkey in the passenger seat, and I went through a McDonald's Drive-Thru. It's awesome! I recall… »11/11/14 2:58pm11/11/14 2:58pm

Here’s What Happened When I Tried To Sell My Ferrari to CarMax

If you're a regular reader, you probably know that I write two frequent series here on Jalopnik. In one, I document all the problems I have with my used Range Rover, which I bought two years ago from CarMax with a bizarrely comprehensive six-year warranty. In the other, I tell you what it's like to own a used Ferrari »10/29/14 3:10pm10/29/14 3:10pm

Here’s What Happens When Two Women Drive Around In a Ferrari

A few months back, I posted a video that shows me driving around in the Ferrari, desperately trying to get attention from women. And it shows women completely ignoring my efforts. The whole thing is depressing, and disappointing, and in the end, I crash the Ferrari into a day spa while screaming: "DO YOU NOTICE ME… »8/06/14 3:45pm8/06/14 3:45pm

Getting Gas Is The Hardest Part Of Owning An Exotic Car

Most car guys are a little curious about the exotic car ownership experience. How does it drive on a race track? What does it sound like at full throttle in a long, glorious tunnel? How fast can you get it going on an empty highway? Well, those are all excellent questions, and today I've decided to ignore each of… »7/29/14 3:30pm7/29/14 3:30pm

The Ferrari 360 Is The Most Reliable Car I've Ever Owned

It's an interesting moment every time I meet someone who recognizes me from Jalopnik. "Hey! You're Doug! From Jalopnik!" they always say. "The guy with the Ferrari and the CarMax Land Rover!" And then, in all their excitement to learn more about the industry, and all their eagerness to talk about cars, they invariably… »7/02/14 4:28pm7/02/14 4:28pm