New Death Race Stills: Flame Throwing, Jag Destroying And Overacting Galore

We brought you first-hand photos of the cars of Death Race, as well as the first Death Race trailer. Now we've got more production stills than you can shake an armored Mustang at. These new photos add more details, including a look at a scarred-up Tyrese, a serious-looking Jason Statham, a strutting Joan Allen, a… »7/31/08 11:00am7/31/08 11:00am

Death Race One Sheet Revealed, Shows Off More Of That Mean-Looking Buick

You saw the mean looking choptop Buick Riviera first when we showed you the cars of Death Race and y'all seemed to react favorably, so we figured you might like to see the first one-sheet for the Statham-starring film showing it again looking all bad-ass. Sure it's not the Death Race trailer, and sure, it reveals a… »7/01/08 4:00pm7/01/08 4:00pm

Exclusive Video From New Death Race Movie Features Mean-Looking "Dreadnought"

While we knew going in the Death Race "trailer" we posted earlier wasn't the real thing, our sources tell us like the Jason Statham screen shot we showed you last week, the video we've got up above is absolutely the real thing. It's some behind-the-scenes video from the new Death Race movie. That vehicle you see… »1/02/08 4:00pm1/02/08 4:00pm

First Official Death Race Screen Shot Features an Intense-Looking Jason Statham

So Universal's creating a re-make of the classic schlock-camp 70's futuregasm Death Race 2000, starring the always-willing-to-Transport Jason Statham and now they've released the first official screen shot of the action star in his broke n' busted but rebuilt whip. We've included the official synopsis below the jump… »12/31/07 8:05am12/31/07 8:05am