2011 Lincoln MKX Has Serious Case Of ADD

An attention-starved Ford Motor Company drove their facelifted 2011 Lincoln MKX past the front doors of Cars.com's Chicago HQ repeatedly today until a threesome of staffers halfheartedly took some pictures to make it go away. [Kicking Tires] » 8/04/09 3:30pm 8/04/09 3:30pm

Cars.com Super Bowl Commercial: Glondor Is Officially Sad

You already knew Cars.com was again spending cheddar on a Super Bowl commercial this year. Well, here it is and Glondor's been replaced by "David Abernathy," our two cents below on that particular trade. » 1/29/09 10:30am 1/29/09 10:30am

Cars.com Ignores Financiapocalypse, Plans New Super Bowl Ad

Thanks to the Financiapocalypse » 11/10/08 12:00pm 11/10/08 12:00pm, we're expecting pickings to be slim in this year's . Thankfully, despite the economic turmoil, , the #2 player in the "mega-car-selling-conglomerate" game, is again looking to spend some mad cash on a commercial in February's Super Bowl. Last year's weren't too shabby, so we're…