Robo-Cars Take Next Step, Standardized Communications With JAUS

After proving unmanned ground vehicles could do things all on their own in the DARPA Grand Challenge and then following up with the Urban Challenge it was time to start talking the same language. SAE has standardized the communications protocols for umanned vehicles and has given it a sexy name to boot — Joint… »4/14/08 5:00pm4/14/08 5:00pm

Stanford Takes the Message to the Streets, DARPA-Style

One may recall Stanley, the robo-Touareg that won the 2nd DARPA Grand Challenge. Well, now the boffins in Paly are working a successor to the SUV, based on a Passat known as Junior. Junior's designed to navigate an urban environment, rather than a desert off-road course. DARPA plans to announce the location of the… »2/19/07 12:45pm2/19/07 12:45pm

DARPA Robo-Car Challenge Decides Not To Listen To Mom — Will Play In Traffic

We bet DARPA's mom is super upset with them, cause yesterday they decided the next Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Car Challenge is gettin' a taste of city life. After four vehicles finished the 142-mil3 desert course without human intervention last year, the third Grand Challenge will take place in a mock »5/02/06 1:24pm5/02/06 1:24pm