DARPA Grand Challenge: Wrap-Up

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After criticizing MIT's bot for overtaking Cornell's car when it got confused by a barrier and causing a minor bumper brushing, it's come to my attention no points were deducted from either team. In fact, no teams were penalized for traffic infractions of any sort, and the final scoring came down to finish times. MIT managed to come in first place of the teams that didn't win spots on the podium, and that's pretty impressive for a squad conspicuously absent from previous races. MIT's bot, with its extensive array of sensors and custom-build hardware running around 100,000 lines of code written just for the event, was the most geek-tastic of the event. Even though they had 16 out of 40 cores running vision processing from their optical cameras, they still had a little trouble navigating the dirt road portion of the course. Unfortunately, apart from MIT's fourth place win, DARPA will not be providing final scores for the rest of the pack. Happy future defense contracting to all!


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FYI, actually the fault in the MIT-Cornell clip was attributed to Cornell, but not considered significant.

The MIT vehicle waited for the stopped Cornell vehicle to move, then began a legitimate pass. Just at the wrong moment, the Cornell vehicle decided that it could get around the barrier it was facing by sharply turning left. The Cornell vehicle actually hit the MIT vehicle, but just barely because both vehicles detected the impending collision and braked hard.