Commenter of the Day: Romantic Misanthrope Edition

"...Mankind has grown so base, / I mean to break with the whole human race." So wrote the 17th century comedic playwright Molière, in his famous work The Misanthrope. Of course, we know for sure that there's a place for reasoned dismay in this world, and we know it because our commenters engage in such reasoned dismay… » 2/11/08 6:30pm 2/11/08 6:30pm

Custom Concordamino? The DiMora JX Coupe

It started out as a 1999 Chrysler Concorde LXi, which was presumably minding its own business. But the guys at DiMora Designs, part of a larger coachworks company, lured the the four-door, front-wheel-drive, five-passenger family sedan into their machinists's lair and had their way with it. The result is the JX Coupe,… » 3/22/07 12:45pm 3/22/07 12:45pm