Over the Back Fence: Mini to Go Tiny?

According to the Mini watchers at Motoring File, Mini's working on an even smaller model for the European city-car market. The minier Mini would help parent BMW even out its high C02-emissions average in the face of Europe's stiffening regulations. But how would a smaller, less consumptive Mini spec out? Motoring File » 9/18/07 12:38pm 9/18/07 12:38pm

Living for the City: MIT's Stackable Urban Car

Futurists have been hot on the robotic urban pod model of transportation since the last flight of Laika, the dog cosmonaut. But with technology catching up with ideas, researchers are starting to come up with tangible prototypes. Take, for example, this folding-car concept from MIT Media Lab. Less a car than a CPU… » 2/20/07 12:10pm 2/20/07 12:10pm