This Is One Sweet Parking Spot

(Image Credit: Sydney Ganon)

Somewhere deep in the Earth’s irritable bowels below Los Angeles there lies a parking garage with one spot so gloriously wide, so completely ensconced by paint and concrete that if you can claim it, your chances of collecting new dents in your doors while parked drops to almost zero. Imagine it.

But for real. Every car lover, city dweller and grumpy old man appreciates a good parking space, right? As someone who falls firmly into all three of those categories I went a little nuts when my car found a nest that looks more fit for an X-Wing than an old-ass Acura.


I don’t really understand why this space even exists. Maybe it doesn’t and I’m lucidly living through one of my most commonly recurring day dream fantasies... of finding a great parking space.

Anyway, soon the car will be forced out of this glorious fortress and back into the sun-scorched battlefield of highway 10. But for now, yeah, everything seems alright.

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