Dodge Circuit EV Not Yet Dead?

Car and Driver's reporting the Lotus Europa-based Dodge Circuit EV electric car may not be dead after all, proven by multiple sightings of test mules at Chrysler's various testing facilities. » 7/22/09 10:30am 7/22/09 10:30am

Dodge Pulls Plug On Circuit EV Electric Sports Car?

Autocar's sources claim the Dodge Circuit EV program has been put on hold indefinitely, meaning the Tesla Roadster-competitor got unplugged before ever seeing the light of day. » 5/11/09 7:30am 5/11/09 7:30am

Dodge Circuit EV First Live Photos

The Dodge Circuit EV may not get a full reveal until later, but our quick-shuttered photographers already nabbed photos of the new EV. You can find it unwrapped below. » 1/11/09 9:20am 1/11/09 9:20am

Dodge Circuit EV: Not Quite Too Good To Be True

You know those student design concepts that are all naïve ideas and very little reality? It looks like Chrysler’s ENVI program has gone back to school for their electric Dodge Circuit EV concept. » 1/10/09 10:45pm 1/10/09 10:45pm