Ford Opens 88 Dealerships in China, All In One Day

For many automakers the Chinese market is so hot right now. A rising middle-class has been rapidly accelerating car ownership for several years. While several manufacturers are struggling in traditional markets, they are seeing profits in China. Of course in order for a non-Chinese company to sell cars in the country… » 6/23/14 10:55am 6/23/14 10:55am

Why Japan Is Cracking Down On Its Tiny Kei Cars

You're unlikely to ever see one in the U.S., but for decades Japan's domestic market minicars have provided drivers with efficiency, practicality, ease of parking, style, and even fun behind the wheel. Today, the kei car has never been more popular. So why do Japanese automakers want to wean buyers off of them? » 6/10/14 1:10pm 6/10/14 1:10pm

Army Vet Claims Scam After Ferrari Impounded For Not Being U.S. Spec

As a present for retiring from a long career of military service, Lt. Col. Joe Pagnotta bought himself a Ferrari F430 F1 from a luxury car dealership in Munich and decided to have it imported here. But when the car arrived in the U.S., it was seized at a port by customs officials. Here's why. » 6/06/14 2:25pm 6/06/14 2:25pm

Bill To Lift Ban On New Jersey Tesla Sales Moves Forward (UPDATED)

Two months ago, Tesla Motors lost one of the battles in their state-by-state fight against car dealers. The battleground was New Jersey, where a dealer-backed initiative led the state's motor vehicle commission to halt Tesla's car sales on April 1. Good news for electric car fans: As of yesterday, that ban moved to… » 6/06/14 12:24pm 6/06/14 12:24pm

America's Most Prolific Car Collector Is Selling His Entire Collection

The Barrett-Jackson Auction in Scottsdale, Arizona is one of the biggest auto sales events of the entire year. For the last decade, it's been about what one man, Ron Pratte, would buy. But in 2015 he's selling every single car he owns at that auction, including a GM Futurliner. And he hasn't given a reason. » 6/02/14 12:33pm 6/02/14 12:33pm

Volkswagen May Aim A Little Lower With Aggressive U.S. Sales Targets

I've heard more than one American Volkswagen employee grumble that the company's way of setting sales targets is taking existing figures and adding zeros to them. VW execs have said they want to sell 800,000 vehicles in the U.S. by 2018, but now they may be dialing back those ambitious goals a bit. » 5/19/14 10:14am 5/19/14 10:14am