BMW Will Unveil A Modern Homage To One Of Its Sexiest Cars Ever

I think if I were to put together a list of the sexiest coupes of all time, the case could easily be made that the shark-nosed BMW E9 deserves to be somewhere near the top. BMW must know this too, because it’s they’re set to debut a modern version of the E9 — specifically, the 3.0 CSL that became so successful in… »5/12/15 7:00pm5/12/15 7:00pm

PCH, Upscale BMW Coupe Edition: 1967 2000C or 1984 633CSi?

In another setback to French dreams of displaying the All-Time Eternal Project Car Damnation MegaTrophy (which turns into a pile of red powder within a few weeks) at the top of the Eiffel Tower, the hybridized British Leyland machine obliterated the Peugeot diesel in yesterday's Choose Your Eternity poll. The endless… »5/06/08 5:20pm5/06/08 5:20pm