Entry Deadline Looms For 2010 B.A.B.E. Rally

You've always wanted to drive a horrible rattletrap of a cheap-ass car from New York City to New Orleans during the summer heat, yes? Of course! Well, now you can take that trip in the company of many like-minded rallyers! » 4/25/10 10:45pm 4/25/10 10:45pm

Break Out The Calendars: LeMons Versus BABE Rally Cars At The Dragstrip!

When you've got a sub-$500 RX-7 with a bad rotor squaring off against a sub-$500 Malaise Continental at the dragstrip, you know it's going to take some time for them to traverse 1,320 feet. » 6/14/09 8:15pm 6/14/09 8:15pm

LeMons Cars To Take On BABE Rally Cars In New Orleans Drag Race Action!

What could possibly make the 24 Hours Of LeMons even better than it already is? Besides more French cars on the track, that is? You got it: drag racing! » 3/22/09 2:00pm 3/22/09 2:00pm