22 Custom Jalopnik Wallpapers For Your Apple iPhone And Palm Pre

The recent release of the Apple iPhone 3GS and the Palm Pre provide a great time for these twenty-two exclusive, high-resolution Jalopnik wallpapers to you, our car-obsessive readership. Take your pick below. » 7/07/09 1:00pm 7/07/09 1:00pm

Choose Your Seven Slot Truck: Jeep J8 Or Hummer H3T?

Which would you rather own — the AEV J8 Jeep-Truck or the Hummer H3T? Browse our down-n-dirty gallery of the two together to help you decide. » 5/12/09 6:00pm 5/12/09 6:00pm

AEV J8 MILSPEC: Offroading Jeep's Forbidden Fruit

Until now, civilians couldn't buy the AEV J8 MILSPEC — the militarized truck-bed-equipped Jeep Wrangler. Now you can. We hit the mud to uncover the government secret on Jeep's pickup truck. » 5/12/09 1:00pm 5/12/09 1:00pm

AEV J8 MILSPEC: A Jeep J8, Built For Civilians

When we say the AEV J8 MILSPEC is just like a Jeep J8 Wrangler, we don't mean a close approximation, we mean AEV buys the crates as they leave Toledo and assembles them by hand. » 4/07/09 7:00am 4/07/09 7:00am