A Simple Design Tweak May Keep Drunk People From Falling On Train Tracks

The number of deaths linked to drunk passengers who wander off the platform and onto the tracks has steadily increased over the years. But a new study of these falls shows that many of them occur in the same way—and that there might be a few simple ways to prevent some of them. » 3/30/15 11:05am Yesterday 11:05am

Was Mercedes' Gearshift Design To Blame In In Fatal Train-Car Accident?

On February 22, a 49-year old woman accidentally drove into the path of an oncoming train. The tragic accident claimed her and five other peoples' lives, and while the exact reason why she drove into the path of the train isn't known, Mercedes-Benz automatic gearshift design is a suspect. Let's see why. » 3/05/15 10:20am 3/05/15 10:20am

Live Report On Dangerous Driving Conditions Interrupted By Car Wreck

These two reporters from Burlington's WPTZ had an especially exciting live shot this evening when their live report on dangerous Vermont driving conditions included an unscheduled demonstration. » 2/02/15 5:29pm 2/02/15 5:29pm

Pedestrian Mowed Down By Motorcyclist Behind Reporter's Live Shot

Tonight's ITV News in the U.K. featured bonus coverage of an accident outside St. Pancras railway station in London while reporter Ria Chatterjee delivered an unrelated story about Eurostar train cancellations. Chatterjee, a true professional, paid no attention to the chaos happening behind her. » 1/18/15 1:47pm 1/18/15 1:47pm

"Brave Little Girl" Survives Plane Crash That Killed Her Parents

After surviving a deadly plane crash in Kentucky on Friday that killed her sister, cousin and both of her parents, a 7-year-old Illinois girl walked bloodied and barefoot for help, eventually finding it on the doorstep of an elderly stranger. » 1/03/15 12:20pm 1/03/15 12:20pm

Two Planes Just Clipped Each Other At NYC's Second-Biggest Airport

Departing Southwest Flight 449 was just clipped on the winglet by a a returning American Airlines plane as it headed to the terminal at LaGuardia Airport, according to multiple reports. » 12/23/14 2:17pm 12/23/14 2:17pm

Woman In Famed Abbey Road Crosswalk Hit By Car, Goes Flying

This popped up yesterday on the always-questionable LiveLeak, but I've got a feeling this is legit. Here is a woman trying to run across the famous Abbey Road crosswalk, in spite of all the danger, who needed help after a car ran her over. » 11/08/14 1:01am 11/08/14 1:01am

Indiana Basketball Player Hit By Teammate's Car, In Hospital

Disaster fell upon the Indiana University basketball team early this morning, when sophomore Devin Davis was struck by a car driven by his freshman teammate Emmitt Holt. Davis had left the car in a parking lot moments earlier, but according to Bloomington Police as the car exited the parking lot Davis "unexpectedly… » 11/01/14 1:18pm 11/01/14 1:18pm

Deployable Recorders Can Help Locate Crashed Aircraft

After the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight 370 this March, the biggest hinderance to the investigation has been the lack of data from the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder, presumedly submerged with the rest of the wreckage. But now Airbus will implement a solution for future… » 10/07/14 3:00pm 10/07/14 3:00pm

How The Hell Did Nobody Die In This Rally Crash?

Luckily and most unbelievably nobody was seriously injured after this Clio decided to get airborne and go into an uncontrollable spin just in front of a group of irresponsible spectators. » 10/06/14 9:49am 10/06/14 9:49am

Tracy Morgan In Critical Condition After 6-Car Accident on NJ Turnpike

Actor and comedian Tracy Morgan is in critical condition after his limo bus was involved in a six-car accident on the New Jersey Turnpike early Saturday morning, according to state police. One person was killed and four others are in critical condition. » 6/07/14 7:42am 6/07/14 7:42am

Truck Driver Causes Fatal Collision While Looking at Porn

A British truck driver plowed into a car stopped on a highway shoulder, killing a 20-year-old woman, because he was trying to simultaneously drive and look at porn. » 6/02/14 4:15pm 6/02/14 4:15pm

Naked Man Doing Pushups In the Middle of the Road Killed In Portland

A naked man who was reportedly running in traffic at 4am near Portsmouth Ave. in Portland, Ore., and had stopped in the middle of the road to do some pushups, was struck and killed by an oncoming vehicle. While police were being alerted of his running in traffic, a caller followed up to say he'd been hit. » 5/04/14 4:15pm 5/04/14 4:15pm

Stickypocolypse 2014: Thousands Of Gallons Of Honey Coat Freeway

BEWARE OF HONEY CRAZED PANTSLESS BEARS IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA! A big rig traveling on the 605 freeway outside of City of Industry, CA overturned, spilling 42,000 gallons of delicious, sweet, sticky honey all over the road. » 3/24/14 6:25pm 3/24/14 6:25pm

Holy Crap! A Skydiver Takes Down A Plane And Both Survive

This series of photos from MyFoxTampaBay.com show the harrowing collision between a skydiver and a small Cessna earlier today in South Lakeland Florida. Amazingly, both the skydiver and the pilot walked away with non-serious injuries. » 3/08/14 11:48pm 3/08/14 11:48pm

Hundred-Car Pileup Shuts Down Pennsylvania Turnpike, Injures 30

The eastbound Pennsylvania Turnpike near Bensalem was shut down for a large portion of the day yesterday as over 100 cars piled up along the highway. After the first accident occurred at 8:30am, the collisions continued, causing 30 people to be taken into care for injuries. A foot of snow had fallen in the area only… » 2/15/14 1:25pm 2/15/14 1:25pm

Three Dead as 46 Cars Crash in Horrific Snowy Pileup

Yesterday evening on highway I-94 in Michigan City, a 46-car pileup began after an unpredictable wave of lake-effect snow came onto the road, startling drivers and causing them to swerve into each other. The gust of precipitation, which is brother to the terrifying menace "thundersnow" and has been known to white out… » 1/25/14 10:00am 1/25/14 10:00am

» 12/08/13 2:44pm 12/08/13 2:44pm

Woman on First Walk Since Motorcycle Accident Gets Run Over By Car

A Virginia woman who survived both cancer and a devastating motorcycle accident was struck and killed by a car last Sunday, during her first walk outdoors since her accident six months ago. » 11/24/13 10:30am 11/24/13 10:30am

Woman driving SUV hits 16 vehicles, utility pole

In what the local media is calling a "bizarre" accident, a 62 year-old woman driving a black Lincoln Navigator (pictured) in downtown Mississauga, Ontario during the evening rush hour crashed into 16 other vehicles like some automotive pinball, finally coming to rest when she hit a pole. Luckily, no one was seriously… » 10/27/13 4:34pm 10/27/13 4:34pm