2011 Corvette Z06 Gets Go-Fast And Stop-Fast Upgrades

The Corvette Z06 (still our favorite) hasn't gotten much attention lately. But, for 2011, GM's granting it new Goodyear Eagle F1s Supercar tires, dual-mode exhaust, magnetic ride and optional carbon-ceramic brakes and carbon-fiber aero bits from the Carbon Z06/ZR1. Wheee! » 5/04/10 2:30pm 5/04/10 2:30pm

2011 Corvette To Get Hybrid "Lutz" Mode

According to VetteMarket, GM is prepping a 2011 Corvette Hybrid; pairing the Volt powertrain with an LS3 V8 for a rubber-burning 68 MPG. A belt-driven supercharger charges the batteries to produce a "Lutz" acceleration mode. » 4/01/09 4:45pm 4/01/09 4:45pm