What Apple Could Buy With That $100 Billion, Visualized

Apple is one of the three most valuable companies in the world and is sitting on a pile of around $100,000,000,000 ($100 Billion). Execs at Apple are about to announce what they're going to spend all that money on. Ahead of that — we thought we'd try to provide a little context for just how much scratch that really is. » 3/19/12 8:30am 3/19/12 8:30am

GM Cutting Q1 Production By 250,000 Units, 30% Of Capacity

General Motors announced today they will cut production in the first quarter of 2009 by 250,000 units, or approximately 30% of total capacity, affecting 21 plants in three countries. » 12/12/08 1:00pm 12/12/08 1:00pm

The $3,000 Car From Bajaj Is $500 Classier Than the $2,500 Tata Nano

It should be obvious to most that a $2,500 car is destined to fail. But a $3,000 car... GENIUS! Not wanting to be upstaged (though, upstaged anyways), Bajaj has launched a prototype of what it calls the $3,000 people's car for the people that can afford another 0.25 lakh. The car is being designed through a partnership … » 1/10/08 9:30am 1/10/08 9:30am