The $3,000 Car From Bajaj Is $500 Classier Than the $2,500 Tata Nano

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It should be obvious to most that a $2,500 car is destined to fail. But a $3,000 car... GENIUS! Not wanting to be upstaged (though, upstaged anyways), Bajaj has launched a prototype of what it calls the $3,000 people's car for the people that can afford another 0.25 lakh. The car is being designed through a partnership with Renault/Nissan and we'll therefore see a cheap version of this car from those automakers.


The only drawback is that this particular prototype might need another two years of development before it hits the street while its rival the Tata Nano will be clogging the streets of Delhi before the end of the year. [AutoInCar]

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If I lived in a large city that had crap mass transit, this would totally rule the day: it's microscopic so it parks anywhere, it's narrow so the dumbass tourist edging into your lane has another half-second to realize you're there, and it's cheap so you don't have to choose between rent and food.

This is the inner city shizz, but the suburb WTF.