Houston LeMons Miscreants Beware: Judges Coming After You In Pike's Peak Winning Evo! You read that correctly, racers: 24 Hours Of LeMons Supreme Court Justices Martin and Loverman will be in full gavel-pounding, cheater-busting effect at the Yeehaw It's LeMons Texas 2008 race, and this time we've got an Official Judicial Vehicle to enable us to get a real close look at your bad on-track behavior: the Rally Ready Mitsubishi Evo VI that won the Open class at the 2008 Pike's Peak Hill Climb race . That's right, Rally Ready Motorsports is bringing the race car out from Austin, with a squad of their best drivers to keep us in the thick of the action, ensuring that miscreants can't hide, nor run, from those well-deserved black flags. And (heh, heh ), we've got some extra-cruel fair new punishments in store for racetrack lawbreakers!