ZAP Gets UK Approval for Four-Door Electric Dork-Mobile

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The Brits have approved Zap's little Xebra four-door electric car, opening the door for public sales. Though awkward by American standards, the Xebra could be considered "handsome" on the British scale, which is why it may be a small success across the pond. Oh, that and the fact that driver's don't have to pay congestion tolls or have to fill it up at a cost of £5,000 a litre. Press release below the jump:

First Four-Door Electric Car Approved for UK From ZAP

November 20, 2007: 03:30 AM EST

A new four-dour electric car design from ZAP (OTCBB: ZAAP) called the Xebra® has passed Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) inspection, allowing it to be driven on roads in the United Kingdom.

VOSA provides a range of licensing, testing and services enforcing the roadworthiness standards of vehicles in the UK. VOSA approval means the vehicle complies with full road traffic standards set for UK cars.

"With its congestion toll zone, London has become the world's great proving ground for the electric car," said ZAP CEO Steve Schneider. "Here is a unique electric vehicle that will help drivers save significantly on fuel costs as well as free passes for the daily congestion tolls and parking. We believe the Xebra is the first four-door electric vehicle to pass the VOSA test."


Schneider noted the Xebra is also available in a truck configuration. ZAP designed the Xebra to quickly and affordably fill the demand for cars that don't use conventional fossil fuels. ZAP calls the Xebra a "city-car," a unique vehicle for city-speed driving up to 40 MPH (64.4 KPH). The sedan and pickup truck versions can recharge at any normal household outlet.

ZAP recently appointed UK-national and former Lotus Engineering CEO Albert Lam to its Board of Directors. Mr. Lam is the Chairman for ZAP's new joint venture to manufacture next-generation electric and hybrid vehicles with Youngman Automotive Group, one of China's leading bus manufacturers.

Based in Santa Rosa, California, ZAP is now expanding distribution for the Xebra and other electric vehicles worldwide. The Xebra is targeted towards government, corporate and utility fleet use as well as daily urban commuting for multi-car families and is now available at a price of just over US$10,000. [CNN Money]

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Three-wheelers enjoy tax breaks in the UK, and can - if I remember correctly - be driven using a motorcycle driver's license. 'RANWHENPARKED' is right, though; This thing will never get you laid.