Yugo-Based Whalemobile Could Be Yours For Just 500 Bucks!

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Hacking up a hail-damaged car and turning it into a giant, highway-capable whale is one thing… but when your Whalemobile started live as a Yugo cabriolet, you're entering an alternate dimension of awesomeness!

Yes, this 1986 Yugo convertible (go here if the listing disappears) suffered some Kentucky hail damage, so the car's owner (the seller's grandfather) "got the idea of turning it into a WhaleMobile off of some cartoon, and he took his crazy idea and ran with it." Sadly, the seller possesses "an inexplicable fear of these evil creatures" and must sell… and his loss is your gain! It has a functioning blowhole with water pump, and the tail even features aero-enhancing manual controls. This fine machine got some attention on the 24 Hours Of LeMons forums, but it appears that no team has what it takes to put it on a race track. That's shameful, but we know you have what it takes to make it your daily driver. Come on, Yugo Whalemobile!
[Louisville Craigslist]

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Best line in the ad: "otherwise perfect 1986 Yugo Cabrio." Yeah, because those were rare and wondrous gems that had no faults or defects or drawbacks or limitations or shortcomings or issues or serious issues. In fact, I think they should use a rating system like that in clinical trials— AE = adverse event and SAE = serious adverse event (which is also the euphemism for 'death').

This is SAE on top of an AE.

On second thought, I like the idea that the whale needs tires. Is he still running the originals?