An abandoned Mercedes 407D that really couldn’t possibly fire up. Right? Photo: Flexiny/YouTube

“Old Start Cold Start” videos are among the greatest contributions YouTube has ever made to humanity. The videos show ambitious wrenchers trying to fire up the most horribly dilapidated cars you’ve ever seen—cars that, based on their appearances, really shouldn’t have a chance in hell at running.

Hop onto YouTube, type in “old start cold start,” and prepare to have your eyes glued to your screen as you root for that backyard mechanic to resurrect a rusted-out sleeping giant.

Some of the cars in these clips have been sitting (or, as many of the narrators would say, “settin’”) for decades, and yet somehow, the YouTube mechanics find a way to get them roaring back to life. It’s a beautiful sight.

I’m not sure why I like these videos so much; maybe it’s because I have a soft spot for crappy junkers, and to see them live on makes me happy. Regardless, here are five of my favorite “fire up an old shitbox” videos: