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YouTuber Wrecks His Mini GP The Same Day It Was Delivered By Hooning It Around His Yard

Screenshot: YouTube

I’ll admit that I wasn’t familiar with Pog, a French YouTuber who appears to have a lot of Euros, a large model of TinTin’s moon rocket and an interesting collection of cars, with what looks like some Ferraris, a Porsche 918, and at least one Renault Kangoo. He also has a limited edition Mini John Cooper Works GP, but he, um, rolled it in his backyard.


He did manage to drive it about 14 miles before he wrecked it, at least.

The Mini GP seems like a lot of fun—over 300 horsepower, massive rear wing, go-kart handling, and I can absolutely understand the urge to go batshit with it all over your lawn, especially if you have a gardener to clean up your mess afterward, as this guy does.


Of course, driving on a lawn means the lawn gets pretty torn up, which leads to what happens here, about 9:26 in:

Ooof. Now, it’s possible this was all staged, but I’m not so inclined to think it was. First, the moments of realization have the sort of subdued slow-burn of an actual, unplanned disaster, and not the overdone histrionics of a YouTuber faking it.

Illustration for article titled YouTuber Wrecks His Mini GP The Same Day It Was Delivered By Hooning It Around His Yard
Screenshot: YouTube

Plus, it’s not like just buying a brand-new Mini (I don’t think they really get delivered in a crate full of styrofoam peanuts, but still) and then whipping it around your yard like a loon wouldn’t have been enough for a clicky video. I feel like that was the plan here, and the wreck, while making the video significantly more interesting, wasn’t part of the original program.


Either way, though, Mr. Wealthy Frenchman here definitely bought a Mini, got it delivered, and rolled it almost immediately, without leaving home.

That’s a full day.

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He hired a stuntman to deliberately crash that car. He is known to have done a few fakes in the past, like pretending to have connected his aventador to some xbox controllers to play forza.
He’s wearing a red short for the whole thing, but the inside shot when the car crash, whoever is driving wears a black short/pants.

at 9:34, you can actually see him with his red shorts through the window on the left side. Use < > in youtube to go frame by frame