YouTube star missing after being sucked out of sunroof by tornado

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Will Norton is a Missouri high-school senior who built an Internet following with his self-made comedy videos. Sunday was his graduation in Joplin — cut short by a tornado that ripped him from a Hummer H3. He's still missing.


Norton's family said Will Norton was driving back from graduation with his father when the tornado hit. His father says the tornado sent the vehicle rolling, then literally sucked Norton through the sunroof, snapping his seat belts. The rest of the family had driven ahead; they survived the twister which killed at least 123 people, destroyed much of Joplin and has left hundreds unaccounted for.

Online, Will Norton was known for his YouTube videos under the handle Wildabeast, where he'd garnered more than 1 million views and last posted in March about visiting colleges. His last tweet was also Sunday, a simple "I'm graduating!"


His family has set up a Facebook page in an attempt to locate Norton, which has so far only turned up false leads suggesting Norton was checked into a hospital. "At this point we are looking for anyone who has actually SEEN Will. Every hospital and possible lead has already been called," the family says.

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Jonathan Harper

Tragic. Really sad.

At this point they are looking for his body...if he was alive someone would have found him, or he would have found someone.