You're With Skillet Car, Manning!

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The above's an ebay auction of a hot rod rat rod show car only Ricky Manning, Jr., (or possibly Harold Butler, founder of Denny's — but we think he's been dead since well before the introduction of the "Skillet Sensation" ) could love:

This car is a specialty car made from fiberglass. It looks like a giant skillet and has a salad bar replica on the back. The engine is a Chevy 350. The transmission is a Chevy 700 series with overdrive. It has rear brakes. There are big tires on the back. It has been in the Motor Trend auto show and also in the Nascar show in Las Vegas. It is a great attraction car. Could be used for advertising purposes. Definitely ONE OF A KIND. It is a show car only and not titled


Intrepid commenter and tipster, wohho, would like to point out that:

"The most amazing part is that it has 5 bids already AND someone is willing to spend 2550 on it...also, I believe that is a beer keg strategically positioned below the salad bar. How many thousands of man hours were dedicated to making this dumbass project? You know, I think the UPSIDE DOWN picture is a good indication as to what kind of person makes this car"

We'd have to agree.

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