You're Invited To Play Around With A Revised Commenting System

As you should be aware by now, we here at Gawker Media do not take kindly to sitting still. As you should also realize, Jalopnik has the best commenters in the world. Thus we're giving you all an early chance to play around with a slight revision of the current system.

This is a share of an article from the product team, which you can read and comment on below, but I just wanted to use the example from Jason's story to give you an idea of how it works.


We've returned some level of in-line comments for those the author of the post, in this case Jason, respond to. Everyone else's comment is visible — just like in the old system — although with the twist that there's no longer a box for unapproved comments.

If you want to use the new system just click the link on a post that looks like the one above (you can also use it to switch back). This is still in beta and you should expect things to change, which is why we're showing it to you now. If there's something you think can be improved upon or an aspect you really like, please let our developers know.

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