Your Worst Local Chevy Cavalier

The Chevrolet Cavalier is the cockroach of the American automotive landscape, and truly mind-bogglingly awful examples are scattered all across the nation's Craigslist regions.

Let's take a look at this fine J-body as an example.


It's located merely an hour and a half away from my front door, it claims to have 500 horsepower, and has a "American Muscle/Imports" Calvin pissing decal on the hood that surely must be ironic please, please lord in heaven let it be ironic.

Here's the ad's copy.

selling my 1 of a kind (STREET LEGAL) 500HP chevy cavalier. 3.4 6 cyl motor punched out to 3.7 litre, all forged internals, custom cam, 56 mm turbo, big stuff 3 engine management, level 10 automatic trans with custom converter, B&M pro stick, coil overs, aeromotive fuel system, fuel cell, roll cage with swing outs, autometer guages, drag radials, etc... lots of money invested best offer or trade call


It has a "level 10" trans. My trans has only leveled up to a 7.

This Cavalier may be charmingly awful, but it's far from the worst one in America.


So show us the best/worst Cavalier in your area! Together, we may be able to find the country's most heinous Cav.

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