Your Ultimate Ocean View Dreamhouse Happens To Be An Oil Platform

Norway's Satoil is selling an ocean view dreamhouse to the highest bidder. It has 20 bedrooms, a "panorama sea view," and it just so happens to be an offshore oil platform.

As the online listing states, the Huldra platform has been in operation since 2001, but is getting shut down by 2016, so it's on sale now. Statoil states, "only your imagination limits what it can be used for."


If you're looking for a big house by the water, you can't really do better, though Statoil says moving is up to you.

Currently, the platform has a 360 degree sea views of the North Sea, in blocks 30 / 2 and 30 / 3 about 16 miles from the Veslefrikk field, but the buyer will have to move the platform to a new location.

How much would that move cost? If you have to ask...

The lifting and transportation costs would be dependent of different factors such as the distance to the destination, the lifting and transportation method, Heavy Lift Vessels, companies, etc. The interested parties should have their own evaluations of the costs.


Directions to the platform are simple.

By boat: West out of Bergen, out to sea. Turn left when you come to the Veslefrikk platform and proceed 16 kilometers.


The seller is being coy about the price, though.

The price in addition to other conditions such as lifting and transportation costs, removal, etc. would be a matter of discussion and negotiation with the interested parties.


Statoil encourages the buyer to recycle or reuse the platform, but that's acking in adventure, isn't it? For those of you planning on starting a new life as a Bond villain or an oil magnate, Statoil lists Huldra's technical specs right here.

(Hat tip to Supercharger Heaven!)


Photo Credits: Statoil

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