Your Super Porsche 911SC Wallpapers Are Here

Photo: Kevin McCauley
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You deserve to look at something pretty. You deserve to look at something striking. You deserve to look at this Porsche 911SC.

Kevin has owned his 1979 Porsche 911SC since 2016 when it bought it on eBay. Since then, it’s undergone some changes. The Whaletail spoiler was removed. Some subtle Martini stripes were added. The whole thing really came together and we’re all mighty proud.

Photo: Kevin McCauley

As of August of this year, the odometer on Kevin’s 911 read 103,909 miles on it. As pretty as it is, this car gets driven. But it has to, because how else would we get these beautiful shots of it out in the world?

Photo: Kevin McCauley

Learn the whole story behind Kevin’s 911 at his website here, and if you’re want to see more of Kevin’s photography, have a look at his instagram here.


Oh, and if you’re looking for a full-resolution version of that night-drive shot up top, click right here.

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