Your ridiculously cool flatnose Porsche 935 wallpaper is here

Anyone sick of the photos from the Rennsport Reunion yet? Me neither. Here's another golden photo from the peach state's own Bill Ibsen of a flatnose 935 at Laguna.

Sometimes it seems like much of racing history isn't a battle between superior machines or superior drivers, but a showdown between the superior engineers at Porsche and their rule-making superiors at the FIA. This, like many Porsches before and since, drew the ire of the international rule-making body.


Can you ban a car for being too beautiful?

The 1600-px version is here and the giganto-desktop version is on our Facebook page (no, you don't have to "like" our Facebook page or even sign in to the service. It's right there in the "photos" section on the left).

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Photo credit: Bill Ibsen

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