Your Ridiculously Awesome Safari Porsche 911 Wallpapers Are Here

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Safari 911s are a modern trend in a similar way that slant-nose conversions were a distinctly ‘80s trend. There are a ton of shops out there building these jacked up Germans, and some of them don’t do a very good job of it. Only a handful of shops are building Safari’d Porsches in a way that would make them actually desirable. Kelly Moss has built some high quality Safari cars, and they usually take them to a level that isn’t seen in other builds. This one has everything necessary for a weekend of off-road trails, and it makes me want to hoon it.

This gorgeous black Safari car, called Willy Safari, was built by Kelly Moss in Wisconsin, and photographed by Marshall Farthing. This series of pictures, taken in the fading light of a Texas early spring, is incredible. Between the car that looks like it’s capable of interstellar travel and the awesome backdrop of a pre-Radwood Driveway Austin track (and off-track) it’s worthy of sharing with you.

The night before Radwood Austin, Marshall and the Kelly Moss folks met up at Driveway Austin to assemble this series of photos. The car was trailered down from Wisconsin to make its first public appearance at Radwood. While the car had a tire on the roof for this photo shoot, they displayed it with a full roof-top tent at the show the next day. They clearly put a lot of effort into this car, and it shows.


This photo set comes to us from Marshall. You can check out more of his work on Instagram: @project4agze.