Your Ridiculously Awesome Rally Peugeot Wallpaper Is Here

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Ever since our own Zac Estrada penned his story on a classic Peugeot meetup in Northern California, I've been on this weird Pug kick all week. I'm not sure what it is exactly. I tend to obsess over obscure cars Americans can't have. The Paris Motor Show certainly didn't help things.

Down here in Texas we do see newer Peugeots from time to time, but they're almost always boring little hatchbacks driven by tourists from Mexico. We never get anything as cool as 205 GTI in Zac's story from last week. I really want one of those for myself now, and Mike Solo says it lives up to the hype.


As you can tell from the comments in Zac's story, Peugeots seem to be pretty rugged cars. That's why they were a natural fit for rally racing, like this 307, which was Peugeot's entry into the World Rally Championship in the mid-2000s. This photo shows the 307 blasting through the hills of Hokkaido in the 2005 Rally of Japan, which the car would end up winning.

Not bad at all. Maybe we'll see French cars return to our shores someday. I'm not sure who would buy them besides Jalopnik readers and other weirdos, but it would sure be great to see.

Photo credit Getty Images. Click for the giganto-desktop version.

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Peugeots of old seem to have been pretty rugged cars

there, i fixed it for you. Don't get rally fame fool your eyes, the road going 307 CC you have here as rally desktop was everything but rugged, and that's pretty much the rule these days as far as French cars go. Up until the '80s however Peugeot, and to an extent Citroen designed cars with rural, unpaved roads in mind, so those stand up to task right as you say.