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I am an absolute sucker for a nice entry-level Porsche. For years the 912E has been looked at with scorn for being slow and boring. The thing is, even with just 88 horsepower on tap, they can be tremendous momentum cars. Take this with a grain of salt, because I’ve already drank the Porsche Flavor Aid and own one of these 1976 Porsche 912E models myself. Nowhere near as nice as the one pictured here, mind you.

In case you didn’t already know, Porsche produced the 912E for just one year. Karmann had finished building 914 bodies, and the 924 wasn’t quite ready for production, so there would be several months where U.S. dealerships wouldn’t have an entry level Porsche to draw in new customers. Using leftover Volkswagen type-4 engines that had been used in the 914, Porsche built 2099 bodies with low-power aircooled four-cylinder power.


The 912E cost $10,845 brand new, which equates to $48,450 in today’s money. That undercuts the cheapest Porsche on the dealer lot today by about $1,450 (a base model Macan), and is $8,450 less than the least expensive sports car, a base model 718 Cayman.

It isn’t often that I’ll feature a Weekend Wallpaper from the same photographer two weeks in a row, but when Jay played my heart strings with Porsche 912E content, I couldn’t not push this to the front of the queue.

This photo was taken by Jay Devries. Is it nice enough to be your wallpaper this week? You decide!


You can check out more of Jay’s photo work on his website or on Instagram: @through_jays_lens.

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