Your Ridiculously Awesome Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Wallpaper Is Here

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Unlike some manufacturers who shall go unnamed, Porsche puts its money where its mouth is. Racing is no joke for them, and the Porsche 911 is accordingly one of the most popular cars in motorsports. Especially in this variant, the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup.

Porsche is a company known for offering plenty of options on its 911. What some don't realize, is that the options list extends into its customer racing program. Buying a racing 911 isn't as simple as saying "Hello, Porsche, I'd like one race car, please." The response is inevitably "...and which race car would Sir like?"


If you were to buy a racing 911 right now you'd be forced to choose between a 911 GT3 Cup, a 911 GT3 RSR, and a 911 GT America. If you'd like your Porsche racing car slightly used, you could go for a 997 model, which came in 911 GT3 Cup 3.8, the 911 GT3 R Hybrid, and the 997 GT3 RSR.

Which would you prefer? Well, that doesn't really matter, as we're talking about wallpapers and not homologation limitations. And no matter what the variant, a racing 911 looks good.

Photo credit Lele Buonerba. Used with permission. For more of his work, check out his website and Facebook page. For a ridiculously huge desktop version, click here.

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