Your Ridiculously Awesome Mitsubishi Evolution X Wallpaper Is Here

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I've always been a fan of brown cars, but they're hard to pull off correctly. You need to get the shade just right, as it's the difference between "earthy" and "dirty." This highly modified Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X model uses a matte effect to get the blend down perfectly. Beat that, in your silver Subaru.


If you told me that you were painting your car brown with turquoise brake calipers, I'd say hahahahahaha that's a hilarious joke now please never mention it ever again. This Evo totally works, though. It doesn't look like a mashup of every bad design idea ever, like you'd think. It looks like deep soil next to blue waters.

It looks natural. Terrestial, you could say.

Which makes sense, really, as Harold, the owner of this particular Evo, calls it the "Chocolate Terrestial."


Smart guy, that Harold is.

Photo credit Brandon Minieri. Used with permission. For more of his work, check out his Flickr page, as well as a whole set of this car, and his Facebook page. For a big huge desktop version, click here.

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