Your Ridiculously Awesome Mercedes-Benz 190 SL Wallpaper Is Here

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The historic Mercedes-Benz 300SL is in such high demand that the manufacturer goes out of its way to destroy replicas. Luckily, for people who want a lot of the look but don't have the millions for a 300, there's always the 190SL. And it's beautiful.

Of course, the 190SL was structurally pretty different from the 300SL, but that meant you could get the classic 300SL styling in convertible form without having ridiculously high doorsills. Sure, it wasn't as good a racer with its soft top (though there was the option of a removable hard top), but damn did you look good. James, who sent this photo in, tells a bit about the history of this particular example:

I was at a Cruise Night tonight, and I met the very proud owners and their 1956 Mercedes 190SL. Attached is a submission for Weekend Wallpapers of the car. For a brief background, the car has been family owned since new. It was an older married couple, the car is driven by (and belongs to) the wife, as it was originally purchased by her father. The car went through a complete nut and bolt restoration. It has 90410 miles on it and counting, and has won best in show, best show car, etc etc (insert excessively long list of trophies here). It is a convertible, and is possibly the most stunningly gorgeous car I've ever had a chance to just stare at.


A little over 90,000 miles ain't bad at all. Especially when those miles are spent looking great.

Photo credit James Grabow. Used with permission. For a giganto-desktop version, click here.

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