Your Ridiculously Awesome McLaren 675LT Spider Wallpaper Is Here

Photo credit: W. Mitty
Photo credit: W. Mitty
Weekend WallpaperPut these on your desktop to look cool and awesome.

If there’s anything that can put you in a better mood going into the ever-dreaded Monday, it’s the chance to set this photo as your desktop wallpaper. Honestly, aren’t you Jalopnik readers just so talented?

This weekend’s wallpaper comes from a photographer who goes by W. Mitty, and features a McLaren 675LT Spider hanging out on some salt flats. W. Mitty’s friend sent along the photo to us via email, along with advice too good to keep from you all:

The salt flats are an amazing, otherworldly place and while lots of folks drive fast there, it is a truly horrible place to drive a car that you care about. The salt is sticky muck that collects in every crack and crevice as you drive. Imagine a salty slurry the consistency of a milkshake that flings off your tires and somehow defies physics to get on and in places that it shouldn’t be able to get into. You can wash your car a dozen times and you will still find salt hidden in random places. On occasion, I have driven cars made of steel on the flats and as I drove back to town, I swear I could hear the metal starting to corrode from the chassis and body panels. I guess I say all that to say that we didn’t attempt any top speed runs on the salt. The car did do a timed 198mph at the Sun Valley Road Rally a few weeks ago and “still had a little left to give.” (Isn’t that what they always say?)


He definitely said it all. Here’s hoping your week is as wonderful as a McLaren 675LT Spider on the salt flats, and we’ll even drop another photo from W. Mitty below so that you can have your choice of wallpaper.

Photo credit: W. Mitty
Photo credit: W. Mitty

If you have any photos that you’d like to see featured as our weekend wallpaper, please don’t hesitate to send them to the email address below.

Photo credit: W. Mitty. Used with permission. For a big desktop version, click here. Here’s a big version of the second photo, too.


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