Your Ridiculously Awesome Lamborghini Aventador SV Wallpaper Is Here

Photo credit: Jonathan Pearce
Photo credit: Jonathan Pearce
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There’s just something about seeing fast cars in such a serene environment. It’s even a good metaphor for life—when your workweek sends tasks flying at you at the speed of light, chill out and remember that even fast things can be serene.

This weekend’s wallpaper comes from Jonathan Pearce and features all 740 horsepower of a Lamborghini Aventador SV, of which there are only 600 units built by the manufacturer. The car’s zero-to-60 time is a snappy 2.8 seconds, and it can lap the Nürburgring in under seven minutes. If you haven’t noticed, it’s fast.

Hopefully, your progression through the workweek will be just as fast as this thing lapping the Nürburgring. Or lapping anything, really. If you have any photos of your own that you’d like to see featured as a weekend wallpaper, feel free to send an email to the address below.


Photo credit: Jonathan Pearce. Used with permission. For more of his photos, check out his website and Instagram account. For a big desktop version, click here.

Weekend Wallpapers are usually featured on Sundays, (but not always!). Got one you’d like us to run? Send it to with the subject “Weekend Wallpaper.” Just make sure you have the rights to use it.

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