Your Ridiculously Awesome Karmann Ghia Wallpaper Is Here

Photo credit: Gabe Loewenberg
Photo credit: Gabe Loewenberg

This photo took some major dedication to snap, and it sure was worth it—for both the photographer and the rest of us who get to enjoy it. Just look at that orange backdrop as the sun rises.


This weekend’s wallpaper comes from Gabe Loewenberg, and it features a classic Volkswagen Karmann Ghia at a recent Cars and Coffee in Florida. Gabe posted plenty of photos from the event here, but his main goal was to “find an amazing car in just the right spot to shoot as the sun was coming up behind it.” After fighting some traffic at 6:45 a.m., Gabe arrived, spotted the Karmann Ghia and “didn’t even bother to look for anything else for this shot.”

Since you guys have been sending in such great stories with your wallpaper submissions lately, here’s how Gabe described the photo:

I’m really proud of this picture. I knew what I wanted, but because this wasn’t a photo shoot, I was in control of nothing other than where I squatted to take the picture. The photography and automotive gods must have taken pity on me.

May all of the gods take pity on you this week, whether you’re at work, school or driving some fancy cars at a scenic destination (if you dream about that one tonight, you’re welcome). If you have any photos you’d like to submit for the weekend wallpaper, feel free to send them to the email address below.

Photo credit: Gabe Loewenberg. Used with permission. For more of Gabe’s photos, check out his Instagram and Kinja account. For a big desktop version, click here.

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Buried the lead. Check out the business end of this Ghia. I took these at the same event. You’re welcome.