Your Ridiculously Awesome Ford GT Wallpaper Is Here

If you’re still patiently waiting for the racing season to be back in full swing, that’s totally understandable. Most of us are. Let this wonderful photo from the Rolex 24 get your through your tough times.


This weekend’s wallpaper comes from Mason Bleasdell and features the No. 67 Ford GT entry from the Rolex 24 at Daytona International Speedway, accented by the blanket of nightfall that makes these race photos so beautiful every year. That being said, you’re probably too busy staring at the photo to even read this.

The No. 67 team ended the day—literally, the 24-hour day of racing—in 27th spot overall and 10th in its class. Meanwhile, the Cadillac prototype dream team of Jeff Gordon, Jordan Taylor, Ricky Taylor and Max Angelelli won in the overall standings at Daytona. If you want to see other great photos from the race, go check out our guy Kurt Bradley’s huge gallery right here.


May your workweek be as much of a dream as that Cadillac team was at the Rolex 24, and happy almost full-fledged racing season. It should be a fun one. If you have any photos you’d like to see featured as a weekend wallpaper, feel free to send an email to the address below.

Photo credit: Mason Bleasdell. Used with permission. For more photos, check out his website and Instagram account. For a big desktop version, click here.

Weekend Wallpapers are usually featured on Sundays, (but not always!). Got one you’d like us to run? Send it to with the subject “Weekend Wallpaper.” Just make sure you have the rights to use it.

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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You know what would be ridiculously awesome? If the Ford GT cost only in the $100K range, was actually made by Ford Actually, and was not built in numbers than guarantee only a few people will get on, even have one, and be sold only to collectors who will squirrel them away until the end of civilization.