Your Ridiculously Awesome Ferrari 599 GTO Wallpaper Is Here

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Maybe this is just me being silly, but I always felt like the big front-engined V12 Ferraris were a bit overshadowed by the smaller, mid-engined V8s. The Ferrari 599 GTO can definitely hold its own, however.


In my mind, when I think of a Ferrari of the last 20 years, first of course comes the Enzo, but its followed by the 360 Modena, the F430, the F355, and then maybe the 550 Maranello. It could be because the eight-cylinder cars are more common, but I think really what it is is that they're a bit more shouty, a bit more crazy than the bigger GT cars. And if you're going to get a GT, why not get a 456M, or a 612 Scaglietti, or an FF? And if you're going to get a GT, why get a Ferrari in the first place, when an Aston will do the long-distance drive a bit better?

But that's not why we're here. No, we're here because the 599 GTO, the roadgoing version of the 599XX, actually looks good, in my mind. It sat a little lower, a little squatter, and took away a lot of the hugeness feeling that existed in the looks of the regular 599 GTB.

Of course, I'd still take most Ferraris given to me (no, 400 Mondial, nobody wants you). But hey, at least we can all have this gorgeous shot of a 599 GTO taillight.

Photo credit Ata Aygen. Used with permission. For a giganto-desktop version, click here.

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The 599 GTO is not a "roadgoing 599xx", that's marketing bullshit.

It's a lightened up, electronically revised and altered 599 hgte, with a zany pricetag to attract those that actually think putting a GTO sticker on the car and "limiting" it to 599 (more like 650+) will make the allure of Ferrari history and passion even more present. I'm in no way saying it's a bad car, quite to the contrary, it's brilliant. It's in many ways the car I believe he 599 always should have been, from the start. They sort of fixed the GTB halfway with the HGTE package but the GTO is like the car you felt the base should have been. It's just that all this limited edition-ing and clever stickerbadging doesn't make a car any better or give it any other character. Let's end my rambling rant now.

599XX is a complete carbon tub racecar, complete with clever aero etc. Only thing they remotely share is basic design structure and engine.