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Who isn’t a fan of the first Japanese sports car to make a real impact on the American market? With a 2.4-liter six-cylinder, this car was like a front-engine Porsche 911 at a fraction of the price for its time. It was forward thinking, gorgeous, and lots of fun to drive. The 240Z deserves every bit of praise it receives, and then some. This one hides a pretty big secret, though.


This car’s style won’t be to everyone’s taste, but I’m a sucker for fender mirrors and riveted flares. This is one entire big mood.

These photos were provided by Arlen Liverman, and you can see more of their work on their website or on Instagram: @aml_photos. Is it nice enough to be your wallpaper this week? You decide!

Oh, and that big surprise? 2JZ, NO SHIT?


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