Your Ridiculously Awesome Celica GT Wallpaper Is Here

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One of the best parts of having another Jalop (and Opponaut) here in Japan is that I get to see amazing Japanese cars I might have missed. And, once again, Flavien Vidal delivers something stunning: this classic Toyota Celica GT.


Honestly, I dislike the look of pretty much all of the Celicas of the last few generations. This design, however, is just mean. It looks like it has so much power. It's the embodiment, (maybe just to me?) even more than the Datsun Fairlady Z, of the Japanese refusal to cede muscle car ground to the American automakers without putting up a scrappy challenge.

It appears as though this was a pretty dark and rainy day, which is perfect for the color and stance of this vehicle. Can anyone else imagine it as the Batmobile in a gritty 1970s version of Gotham? I can.


Photo credit to Flavien Vidal. Used with permission. For the desktop size version of this photo click here.

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Mk5 is best Mk

brb, selling my Volkswagen for a Celica.