Your Ridiculously Awesome BMW M3 Wallpaper Is Here

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If you haven’t seen, BMWs have had a tough weekend—at least, in the IMSA ranks. From roofs tearing off to wheels rolling away, it’s been ugly. Because of that, we present an intact, not-ugly BMW in a serene setting to put the world back in order.

This weekend’s wallpaper features comes from Neechi Mosha and features his BMW M3. The scenic backdrop comes from Badlands National Park in South Dakota, a stop on a recent cross-country road trip Neechi made.

The serenity in this photo is exactly the opposite of the scene we saw with an M3 earlier this week, when the driver made a dramatic exit from Cars & Coffee and it didn’t exactly go well. But, like we already established, it’s been a rough few days for some of the BMWs in this world. Here’s to a better week ahead.


May your week ahead be a good one as well. As always, feel free to send a few photos to the email address below if you’d like to see them used as a weekend wallpaper.

Photo credit: Neechi Mosha. Used with permission. For more of Neechi’s photos, head on over to Flickr. For a big desktop version, click here.


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