Your Ridiculously Awesome BMW M1 Wallpaper Is Here

Weekend WallpaperPut these on your desktop to look cool and awesome.

Here's something sexy to put on your computing machine, straight from the BMW archives.

I was once guilty of not fully appreciating the BMW M1. I regarded it as kind of a failed experiment and not especially memorable as far as supercars go. But I was wrong. It's hard not to love that wedge shape, that racing-grade inline-six engine, and the legacy of cars it spawned.


Some say the i8 is the M1's modern successor. I don't agree with that, because the M1 was built for motorsports (it's in the name and everything!) and the i8 isn't. But both cars represented the best of their eras, and both are deserving of respect, just in different ways.

Click expand below for a full hi-res desktop version.

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