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The Pirelli World Challenge is a race series that too often goes uncovered. I'm hoping that'll change, especially with the addition of this – the Bentley Continental GT3, which was announced to be entering the series with Dyson Racing at this week's New York Auto Show.


I've always found the Continental GT3 to be a bit of a marvel. Somehow, the reasoning behind that is not just "because racecar," but also "because racecar." Yeah, racecars are cool and all, so that's alright, I guess, but the Continental GT3 is based on a car that looks like it was never meant to go racing to begin with.

The car it's based on the Bentley Continental GT, is an old (at this point), fat car made for old, fat people. But the GT3 version couldn't be any more different. Not only is it a proper racing screamer, but the race engineers managed to take 2,200 pounds out of it.


I'll say that again: two thousand and two hundred pounds were taken out. That's like removing a whole car, from a car. I'd like to see you Ferrari 458 go on that kind of diet.

Alright, so the 458 doesn't need that kind of diet. But the weight savings are still pretty impressive.

Photo credit Schen Photography. Used with permission. For more of their work, check out their Flickr page and Facebook page. For a desktop version, click here.

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