Your Puny Mortal Hands Cannot Kill The Mitsubishi Lancer

GIF via Aging Wheels

What do you do with a 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer that’s bound for the crusher? You do everything within your power to destroy it further, that’s what. Blast over rocks. Jump it. Run into a tree. Shoot, get out some explosives and blow it up. The Lancer will just laugh at your feeble human attempts to destroy it.

I want to hate this video. I own a later-model Lancer. I have a huge soft spot for these cars—even the base models. They’re highly underrated, good, cheap fun.


This 2003 example makes some suspicious noises and appears to be smoking a bit out the tailpipe, so I don’t doubt the owner’s claim that it’s junkyard-bound anyway. If it’s just going to meet its end, why not have a little fun with it first?

I can’t even be mad after the humble Lancer survives being blown up by four pounds of tannerite after multiple rounds of abuse. Given the chance, this Lancer would probably outlast you, sputtering along wounded, but still going out of spite.

Screencap via Aging Wheels
Screencap via Aging Wheels

Remember Top Gear’s Toyota Hilux? Unless this Lancer is now a car-pancake en route to becoming Chinese dishwashers, let’s stick it on top of a high-rise slated for demolition and test this theory out for good. Clearly, this car is the Hilux of cheap sedans.

[H/T Takuro Spirit was trying to make me sad!]

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